An action plan for inclusive education

The Stronger Schools Campaign has a clear set of evidence-based policies that will make our public education system stronger, fairer and more inclusive for every Victorian child. You can download a summary here or the detailed policy factsheets below. The complete set is available for download here.

  1. Make public education affordable for every Victorian family (Read policy background)
    • Provide free education in the standard curriculum
    • Ensure children from families experiencing financial disadvantage receive assistance to participate fully in school and extra-curricular activities

  2. Increase resources and support to disadvantaged students and their schools (Read policy background)
    • Increase equity funding to support children and young people facing disadvantage
    • Provide targeted interventions to address gaps in children’s learning
    • Help all schools to become culturally safe and inclusive for all students including Aboriginal, CALD, LGBTIQ+ and students with disability
    • Help children successfully transition into primary and secondary school

  3. Boost funding and support to students with disability (Read policy background)
    • Increase funding and support to students with disability and/or additional health and developmental needs
    • Help schools become more effective in supporting students with disability and/or additional health and developmental needs

  4.  Give teachers and school staff the tools, training and resources they need to support all students (Read policy background)
    • Provide schools with more time, resources and staff to support students with complex needs
    • Support schools to share best practice

  5. Give students a greater voice in shaping their own education (Read policy background)
    • Increase student voice in every school to improve student learning, engagement and school governance
    • Invest in holistic education models so every student has access to a wide range of options including Vocational Education and Training (VET), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and flexible learning options

  6.  Make sure every student is healthy, resilient and supported to participate fully in school (Read policy background)
    • Build student resilience to improve their health and wellbeing through both universal and targeted initiatives
    • Provide early identification and intervention for children and young people experiencing difficulties
    • Increase access to qualified youth workers and wrap-around support services
    • Work in partnership to provide children and young people with holistic, coordinated support

  7.  Keep students and families connected to education (Read policy background)
    • Help schools better understand and support children facing difficulties in their lives
    • Help schools to include and retain students
    • Ensure school expulsion is a last resort and no student is excluded from the government school system

  8.  Welcome and support children and young people back into education (Read policy background)
    • Maintain investment in a state-wide intensive case management program to help children and young people remain engaged, or re-engage in education
    • Provide a comprehensive suite of programs which work with children and young people to help them remain engaged, or re-engage in education
    • Ensure there is a level of parity in government investment between students who are in school and those who are re-engaging back into school and flexible learning options
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